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Tatsuyuki Seino, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba

  • Mountain Science Center
  • Yatsugatake Forest Station

  • Degree Program in Agricultural Sciences
  • Degree Program in Agro-Bioresources Science and Technology
  • Master Degree Program of Mountain Studies
  • College of Agro-Biological Resource Sciences

    Research field
    Ecology, Plant Ecology, Forest Ecology

    Research interests
  • Shoot growth and architectural analysis of trees
  • Shoot growth and architecture
  • Dynamics of tree and crown architecture
  • Ecology of wood anatomy related to hydraulic architecture

  • Mechanism of regeneration, stand dynamics, and stand structure of forest
  • Temperate forest of Japan (Hokkaido and central Japan)
  • Tropical forest of Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia)
  • Boreal forest of the Russian Far East (Amur Oblast)

  • Publications
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    Educational activity

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